MEDEV was established in May 28, 1999. The company then became a one-man sales and service operation in September of the same year, when it sold its first product, the Nicolet Elite Fetal Doppler. From then, MEDEV sold other Nicolet (now CareFusion) products namely Fetal Monitors, Vascular Dopplers and Peripheral Vascular Testing systems.

In 2000, MEDEV signed on with the Italian premier ultrasound manufacturer, ESAOTE, which at the time has just ended an OEM agreement with Siemens – Far East. That year, MEDEV was awarded the best in business development in the Far East by ESAOTE.

In 2001, MEDEV signed on with another major supplier, this time the leader in ECG technology and maker of the first wireless ECG Stress Test, MORTARA Instrument from the USA. Mortara later will be recognized as the leading brand of Stress and Holter ECG in the Philippines. It will be noted that the first few suppliers of MEDEV established the company's name in OB-GY, Radiology and Cardiology Markets as well as in the medical subspecialty of Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis.

From 2001 to present, MEDEV has signed on with other suppliers, of various products, all focused on quality and dependability, as well as on the service support provided by the principals. Most recently, MEDEV signed on with CUTERA, a world leader in Aesthetic Laser/Light Equipment.

Now, after more than 12 years, and with more than 20 employees, all geared toward the provision of excellent customer service, MEDEV is poised to help its customers meet the challenges of delivering quality healthcare.