Early on, MEDEV recognize that it is not a manufacturer of the products it sells, rather it provides the necessary technical services related to the same products. Knowing that even big medical equipment companies manufacture their products and establish their processes according to their own primary market’s criteria (mostly their country of origin), rather than based on the local customer’s requirement, MEDEV set out to differentiate itself from the competition. The company identified itself as a purely service entity with main functions as follows:

Product Sourcing - refers to the selection of the right suppliers for the local market, evaluation of the products’ quality, and early identification/implementation of installation and maintenance requirements unique to local situation.

Importation - includes activities such as the selection of speediest, safest, yet least expensive mode of shipment and payment, selection of the most efficient freight forwarders and brokers, and payment of the right duties and taxes.

Installation - includes the actual installation and the planning of equipment installation site with regards to safety and security

Training - begins with the understanding of customer needs and may include various forms of training such as foreign clinical training as well as on-site end-users/applications training that may, depending on type of equipment and customer needs, have duration of from 2 to 100 hours.

Maintenance - includes the provision of loaner units where warranted, the implementation of preventive maintenance support, the provision of quick customer service response, and the selection of the quickest yet least expensive repair options when the need arises.

After more than 12 years as a service organization, MEDEV can rightfully claim the following:

  • The only local medical equipment distributor that has the capability to provide proven technologists on-site training programs on cardio diagnostics technology such as on 2D-Echocardiography and on Stress/Rest/Holter ECG.
  • The local medical equipment distributor with the largest loaner unit asset base
  • A very reputable, dependable and trusted medical equipment Service Organization