MEDEV service begins long before it sells its products. The careful selection of suppliers is one of the key elements in the quality of service the company is able to provide.

MEDEV selects its foreign suppliers based on carefully determined parameters:

  • Quality of equipment
  • Product acceptance in the market
  • Breadth of warranty provisions
  • Dependability of after-sales support
  • Presence of value proposition

Many of MEDEV suppliers are leaders in their own field. ESAOTE for example is one of the top 5 out of 30 or more medical ultrasound manufacturers worldwide. They are also the leader in dedicated MRI systems. Meanwhile, MORTARA is a very well respected player in cardiac electrophysiology, CAREFUSION is the leader in doppler systems and MEDI is the world leader in vascular compression stockings.

Other suppliers like SUNTECH, MIR and EBNeuro are less known but are very well recognized within the industry as OEMs to many different brands. Meanwhile, CUTERA is a hands-down leader in Aesthetic Laser/Light technology.

Our Suppliers in alphabetical order: