MEDEV is now growing, adding new products, serving more medical specialties and covering more areas in the country. We welcome established professionals as well as fresh graduates to join us in our quest to become the most trusted medical equipment distributor in the Philippines.

All MEDEV employees are required to exhibit the following values:

Teamwork – is the ability to think and work as a team, for the team’s benefit, more than the individual’s. MEDEV’s concept of teamwork is unique in a sense that it is not just working for the team but also drawing support from the team.

Ownership – describes the ability to put importance on the company’s interest as if it is one’s own. Everyone at MEDEV is expected to do what is necessary even those outside his/her job description in order to forward the company’s interest.

Professionalism – is the ability to show the best in oneself, from the customers’ point of view. Professionalism centers on having done everything to prepare and be able to do what is expected of him/her by the company’s customers.

Passion – is the ability to do what needs to be done because one believes that he/she should and not just because he/she is asked to. Passion is evident in the attitude of each individual as to how he treats his/her own tasks.

Integrity – is the ability to be and do what one says he will and believe in, consistently, and with honorable intentions. Integrity includes showing what one truly is, without pretension or cover, both in words and in action.

Commitment – is the ability to volunteer the best of what one can do, and exceed them. To strive to outperform him/herself and raise one’s own level is the cornerstone of commitment.

Speed – is the ability to make full use of one’s time. Speed is the result of the ability to integrate all the values earlier explained taking into consideration the time elements and schedules which the company commits to adhere itself into.