Vascular Testing System

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    MultiLab Series II

    The MyLab™ One may be configured as a Musculoskeletal-dedicated arm-held ultrasound machine from ESAOTE. It features high resolution high contrast images in a large comfortable display with touch-screen control. The system offers dedicated accessories and tools for Musculoskeletal applications including a 22MHz linear array probe. The system has a unique on-board Musculoskeletal ultrasound tutorial showing anatomical atlas and comparison with realtime scanning.

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    MultiLab Series 2-CP

    The compact Unetixs’ MultiLab® Series 2-CP peripheral vascular diagnostic system combines the acclaimed Unetixs MultiLab® Series II LHS technology with unprecedented portability for a fully configured, dual-channel system.  The 2-CP generates all the same physiological studies of the larger system. Weighing only 18 pounds, the MultiLab® Series 2-CP is easily rolled from exam room to exam room on its optional system cart or transported to multiple locations in its rugged, rolling carrying case.

Vascular Doppler

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    Elite Series

    The Elite hand-held Doppler from CareFusion (formerly IMEX, formerly CareFusion is the leading doppler brand in the USA. It is available with heart rate display (option), with or without rechargeable batteries and battery recharging system, a choice between 2 MHz or 3 MHz probes, and even an optional probe for water delivery. Unlike other brands, the Elite's optional digital display utilizes autocorrelation, a pattern recognition technique that accurately tracks the fetal heart beat.

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    The StethoDop from CareFusion is the only vascular Doppler that can be attached to most bell-style stethoscopes.The StethoDop matches many of the advantages previously available only in larger Doppler systems. Experience the same crystal-clear signals, high-quality audio and sensitive, easy-to-use 5 MHz transducer as in the larger systems. The pre-angled, wide beam crystals cover a large area, allowing for faster vessel location. Use the StethoDop to quickly and easily listen to blood flow throughout the peripheral vascular system. Obtain systolic blood pressures even with weak pulses. Perform fast ankle/brachial index (ABI) calculations to evaluate peripheral arterial disease. Evaluate blood flow to wound sites. The StethoDop can also be used as an aid to catheter insertion and to determine vessel patency.

Vascular Compression Stockings

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    Mediven Elegance

    The Mediven Elegance from MEDI combines medical efficacy with the diversity of fashion. Thanks to its fine transparency, it is hard to distinguish from a sheer stocking. The large choice of colours goes well with every fashion and style, ideal for the fashion-conscious woman. Ten popular standard colours and a variety of attractive fashion shades, widely available as knee-length stockings, thigh-length stockings, pantyhose and maternity pantyhose. The Mediven Elegance is available in compression classes 1 and 2.

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    Mediven Plus

    Mediven Plus from MEDI is the durable vascular compression stocking for everyday wear. The circular knit compression stocking is intended for the treatment of moderately severe to severe venous disease and varicose veins and for use following thrombosis. The opaque fabric hides varicose veins and spider veins, is durable but pleasantly soft to the skin. The Mediven Plus is particularly recommended for sensitive or very large thighs.

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    Mediven Active

    The Mediven Active from MEDI is a compression stockings for men with modern ribbed design. In addition to the ultramodern ribbed design, it places the highest value on the wearing comfort.  The new Mediven Active for men feels soft, smooth and supple. This is achieved by using materials that were specially developed for MEDI.

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    The MEDI Duomed® combines ideal wearing properties and appropriate medical compression in a supple and elastic stocking which also offers value for money and durability. The circular knit compression stocking is intended for the treatment of thrombosis with tendency for slight oedema, varicosis in pregnancy and inflammatory venous diseases with tendency for moderate oedema. It is also recommended for the treatment after sclerotherapy and/or surgery.

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    Mediven Butler

    The Mediven Butler from MEDI is a donning aid for most medical compression stockings. It stretches the fabric so that it is easier to step into.

Vascular Ultrasound

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    MyLab™ Five/30CV Gold

    The MyLab™ Five and MyLab™ 30CV Gold are portable color ultrasound machines from ESAOTE that features full capabilities and upgradeability in Peripheral Vascular Imaging. The system is also upgradeable to include advanced vascular imaging options such as QIMT (ESAOTE's advanced realtime IMT calculation software). A wide range of probes and best-in-class image quality makes these units the premium choice in portable/mobile Vascular Duplex imaging.

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    MyLab™ 40

    The MyLab™ 40CV is an Ultrasound machine from ESAOTE that has become a best-seller in the Phippines because of its combination of high-image quality, flexibility in optional configuration, advanced software, and better price/utility ratio. Peripheral Vascular Imaging specialists who have seen the MyLab™ 40CV are surprised to see such a slim compact unit producing even better studies than bigger and more expensive models from other brands. As with other ESAOTE other ultrasound units, the MyLab™ 40CV is upgradeable with advanced software including QIMT, an even better proposition than other models/brands twice its size.

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    MyLab™ Class

    No other ultrasound equipment can provide the combination of super premium image quality and ease of use as ESAOTE's top-of-the-line MyLab™ Class Peripheral Vascular Imaging ultrasound system. The system offers all the most advanced software in vascular imaging such as QIMT and QAS. The system also offers the use of the latest technology and design features including touch-screen operation and adjustable height and angle of operation.

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    MyLab™ Twice

    The ESAOTE MyLab™ Twice provides both super-premium Ultrasound Imaging in the Peripheral Vascular deparment provided by the MyLab™ Class, and the ultra-portable bedside vascular imaging provided by the MyLab Touch in a unique 2-in-1 package. Both the main unit and its satellite unit (MyLab™ Sat) features the latest probe technologies, connectivity features, and dedicated vascular software. Unique among systems offering department and mobile flexibility, the MyLab™ Twice offers independent operation of the satellite and main units while also allowing merging of all data into the platform of the bigger unit.

Vascular Laser

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    XEO ND:Yag Laser

    The CUTERA XEO provides the most versatile laser technologies on the market today. It features touch-screen control in a small footprint. Specifically designed for vascular therapies it is the first clinically effective long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser for both facial and lower extremity vascular lesions. It is a "must have device" when treating a broad range of vascular conditions.

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    CoolGlide ND:Yag Laser

    The CoolGlide long-pulse Nd:YAG Platform from CUTERA was designed to meet the strict criteria practitioners insist upon when considering an vascular laser purchase: outstanding clinical outcomes, safe for patients and easy for staff to operate, and an economical price point that creates an escalating revenue opportunity for the vascular specialist's practice. The versatile CoolGlide platform supports Excel for vascular therapy, the first clinically effective long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser for both facial and lower extremity vascular lesions.