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    MyLab™ One

    The MyLab™ One may be configured as a Musculoskeletal-dedicated arm-held ultrasound machine from ESAOTE. It features high resolution high contrast images in a large comfortable display with touch-screen control. The system offers dedicated accessories and tools for Musculoskeletal applications including a 22MHz linear array probe. The system has a unique on-board Musculoskeletal ultrasound tutorial showing anatomical atlas and comparison with realtime scanning.

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    MyLab™ 40

    The ESAOTE MyLab™ 40 is a high-quality ultrasound machine that may be configured for exclusive use in Musculoskeletal Imaging. The system offers a wide range of linear and high-frequency probes for every musculoskeletal ultrasound application. The MyLab™ 40 system is the most popular ESAOTE system in the country.


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    The G-Scan is a top-of-the-line tilting MRI system from ESAOTE dedicated to the examination of the spine and joints. It allows for weight-bearing MRI, a capability not possible in larger whole-body systems. The weight-bearing capability obviously provides better imaging of the spine, acquiring images while pain on the back is being felt by the patient. Of course, aside from the acquisition of weight-bearing images, the unit may also be used to image extremities including the shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles. No other system provides the small footprint as well as the unique weight-bearing capabilities of the G-Scan.

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    The S-scan, a dedicated MRI scanner from ESAOTE is a sensible choice for any hospital or group practice with a substantial musculo-skeletal work-load. The S-scan covers all musculoskeletal MRI, from foot to shoulders and the most important spine segments such as L & C -spine. The unique design and wide, rotating patient table guarantees easy patient positioning, patient comfort, maximum stability and easy examination management. The open gantry design provides for easy patient access, without claustrophobic difficulties. Its has real-time positioning and fast sequences which are on display on the gantry.

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    The Opera is ESAOTE's MRI system dedicated to the imaging of joints in the shoulders, knees, wrists, arm, and ankles. With Opera, ESAOTE has merged the advantages of dedicated and open MRI to create a new high quality cost/effective system. This high throughput system, provides optimal musculoskeletal scanning capabilities and guarantees superb image quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and patient comfort.

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    The O-Scan is the newest addition to ESAOTE’s MRI line, further decreasing the MRI foot-print via a unique ergonomic design. The O-Scan may be installed in any room, without the need for extensive space nor preparation. Coming from a country where sports medicine is one of those given utmost attention, ESAOTE has perfected their MRI with all the necessary coils and software needed for knee, ankle, wrist and arm joints imaging. The system is a perfect unit for sports medicine group practice. It could also be used to free up the huge whole-body MRI systems in busy radiology centers, able to provide all imaging rquirements dedicated to the examination of extremities.


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    The Spinomed back orthosis from MEDI is used in the treatment of vertebral fractures caused by osteoporosis. It consists of a back pad and a strap system with Velcro fasteners. Both can be individually adapted to the back curvature and body measurements. The strap system fastens at the front to make the orthosis easy to fit, like a light rucksack


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    NeMus has been developed by EBNEURO as a highly reliable product, able to accurately record the EMG signal of interest.  The quality of signal, the novelty of technical solutions, the software’s ease of use and the possibility of expanding its features makes the NeMus a state of art system in the field of electrodiagnostic instrumentation.  Thanks to most advanced hardware components integration technology, NeMus offers a remarkably compact design in a basic configuration, including 2 channels EMG with exceptional input impedance. Moreover the system guarantees EP functionality, like AEP, SEP and MEP.


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    Corival Ergometer

    The Corival from LODE is a modern ergometer with an ergonomic, stable design and is suitable for all body postures. The comfortable step-through feature enables easy positioning of all test subjects on the ergometer. With the unique one-touch stepless saddle and handlebar adjustment, test subjects can be positioned quickly. The Corival can be controlled easily by all well-known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world.

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    Katana Sport

    The Katana Sport from LODE is a modern and reliable treadmill that can be controlled both manually and by external equipment. The Katana Sport offers smooth acceleration and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,5 – 30 (40) km/h (0.3 – 18.6 (25.6) mph). With the positive elevation of 0-25%, this treadmill is the solution for use in sport medical settings. There is also an option for a negative elevation of 25%.

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    Body Weight Support System

    The Body Weight Support System from LODE may be used for rehabilitation training using LODE or other brands of treadmills. It has a special design for the convenience of both test subject and test operator. It could be remotely controlled and can support body weight of up to 80 kg. Test subjects up to 160 kg can be lifted from their wheelchair. The system has a unique stability feature because of the use of spring combinations allowing unrestricted pelvic rotation for proper gait kinematics. A single point suspension for practising side-stepping or to turn 180 degrees to perform backward walking is included with possibility to change direction without repositioning the entire support system. Furthermore the system can even be used without a treadmill.

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    Valiant Rehab

    This Valiant Rehab from LODE offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,1 – 12 km/h (0.1 – 7.5 mph) and can be combined with the adjustable side handrails. These handrails are adjustable in height (791 – 954 mm) and width (440 – 975 mm). Pediatric front and side handrails are also available. These features together with the optional heart rate controlled protocols make this treadmill perfectly suitable for rehabilitation purposes. With the optional reclining entrance plate the access to the treadmill is even easier! The treadmill can be controlled with the control unit or by external equipment.