Resting ECG

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    ELI 10

    The ELI 10 from MORTARA is a palm-sized premium-quality resting ECG machine. It is a full-featured ECG unit that provides high-quality ECG signal acquisition and analysis in a small package. With built-in networking capabilities, the ELI 10 can print ECGs directly to a PC printer or via a PC network.

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    ELI 230

    The ELI 230 from Mortara is a most advanced wireless resting ECG unit providing high quality ECG signal acquisition and analysis. The system may also be configured with standard cable. Even with its unique small design, the ELI 230 provides high quality full-page ECG print-outs.

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    ELI 210/250

    The MORTARA ELI 210/250 resting ECG systems are simple and easy to operate. As with other MORTARA systems, the systems use advanced signal processing software. The ELI 250 features advanced networking options while both ELI 250 and 210 use z-folded thermal paper that print full-paged reports.

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    ELI 350

    The MORTARA ELI 350 is the only super-premium resting ECG machine in the market today. It is designed for the toughest and busiest hospital environment. It integrates a very large 17-inch LCD monitor that provides unparalleled ECG viewing. It also features super-premium quality ECG processing and noise filtering software and is available in wired or wireless ECG configuration. The system may be configured with advanced networking features. It can also be upgraded into a High Quality Stress/Treadmill ECG.

Stress and Holter ECG

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    Probably the most popular and most sought-after ECG/Treadmill Stress Test in the Philippines market today, the X-Scribe is the system that defined “Super Premium” in ECG/Treadmill Stress Testing. Designed and manufactured by MORTARA, it uses advanced wireless ECG acquisition (using the X12+), providing the highest quality ECG tracings, and eliminating unwanted noise inadvertently coming from ECG cables. The same advanced wireless technology provides the ultimate comfort for patients who are unencumbered by a cable harness. It also provides the ultimate in flexibility especially in times of emergency. The MORTARA X-Scribe is also known for very high quality ECG processing and ST-segment analysis, the most intelligent filtering software technology, and providing the most vivid and largest ECG display (24-inch LCD Monitor).

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    The H-Scribe is another super-premium quality system this time for Holter ECG, from MORTARA. It offers the ultimate flexibility in Holter ECG, from clinic to enterprise solutions, and from 3-ch to 12-ch Holter Recording. The Mortara H3+ Holter ECG recorder’s small size gave ultimate comfort to patients such that patients who have used it wouldn’t want any other Holter recorder used on them. Option to scan recordings from the Mortara H12+ Holter 12-Lead ECG recorder provides high quality ECG signal processing without missing a bit. The system uses the latest in PC technology, which offers flexibility in configuration and economy in after-sales technical support.

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    Specifically designed for use in treadmill, bicycle (ergometer), and pharmacological stress testing, the Tango+ reliably monitors blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient. Tango+ comes with our patented Orbit-K™ cuff (available in 4 different sizes), which was designed specifically for stress testing. Add the SpO2 measurement option to make your stress ECG system a complete and seamless diagnostic test center. When reliable automatic blood pressure is required, SunTech Medical delivers. SunTech's proprietary algorithms provide exceptional performance in this difficult environment. The hands-free interface makes Tango+ an indispensable part of stress testing.

Ambulatory BP

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    The Oscar 2™ system from SUNTECH sets the standard in Ambulatory BP Monitoring (ABPM) by meeting the highest clinical standards, optimizing patient comfort through innovation, and giving clinicians practical interpretive analysis and reporting tools. The Oscar 2 is the only ABPM available that is clinically validated to all three internationally recognized standards: the British Hypertension Society1 (A/A), the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol2 and the AAMI SP103.

2D-Echo Machine

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    MyLab™ Five/30CV Gold

    The MyLab™ Five and MyLab™ 30CV Gold are portable color 2D-Echo machines from ESAOTE that features full capabilities and upgradeability to include TVM (ESAOTE' s proprietary tissue doppler software), XStrain (ESAOTE's strain and strain rate calculation software), Stress Echo,and DICOM. The system is also upgradeable to include adavnced vascular imaging options such as QIMT (ESAOTE's advanced realtime IMT calculation software). A wide range of probes and best-in-class image quality makes these units the premium choice in portable/mobile 2D-Echocardiography.

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    MyLab™ 40CV

    The MyLab™ 40CV is a 2D-Echo machine from ESAOTE has become a best-seller in the Phippines because of its combination of high-image quality, flexibility in optional configuration, advanced cardiology software, and better price/utility ratio. Cardiologist who have seen the MyLab™ 40CV are surprised to see such a slim compact unit producing even better studies than bigger and more expensive models from other brands. As with other ESAOTE 2D-Echo units, the MyLab™ 40CV is upgradeable with advanced software including Stress Echo and X-Strain, an even better proposition than other models/brands twice its size.

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    MyLab™ 50CV

    The MyLab™ 50CV from ESAOTE is similar to the MyLab™ 40CV, only it does everything better and faster. The system is designed specifically for bigger hospitals expecting a huge turn-out of patients. As with other ESAOTE 2D-Echo units, the MyLab™ 40CV is upgradeable with advanced software including Stress Echo, X-Strain (ESAOTE's Strain and Strain Rate calculations software), and TVM (ESAOTE's Tissue Doppler Imaging software).

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    MyLab™ Class

    No other ultrasound equipment can provide the combination of super premium image quality and ease of use as ESAOTE's top-of-the-line MyLab™ Class 2D-Echocardiography system. The system also offers the use of the latest technology and design features including touch-screen operation and adjustable height and angle of operation.

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    Angio/ Stress Echo Table

    This Exercise Table for 2D-Echocardiography from LODE provides electrical adjustable slope (transversal, 45º) for an optimal position of the heart in echo research. Due to a removable part of the back support, a better view of the heart from the back side is possible. The minimum distance to the floor, the adjustable shoulder and hip support together with the adjustability of the Angio ergometer are giving the test subject an optimal feeling of comfort during exercise. The research can be done in a sitting position next to the test subject. The Echo Cardiac Stress Table can be used for other cardiological exercise research in laying or sitting position as well.