• Aquila PRO

    Aquila PRO

    The Aquiila Pro is a premium portable Black and White Ultrasound Machine from ESAOTE. It features high-image quality, ease of use and upgradeability to include ESAOTE's Just 3D fetal face imaging.for OB/GYNE applications. The system also offers light and easy to use probes important in the OB/GYNE clinic setting and complete measurements/calculations for use in the portable or bedside applications in hospitals.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Touch

    The MyLab Touch is ESAOTE's latest ultra-portable ultrasound machine for OB/GYNE which features touch-screen operation. The system may initially be configured as a black and white unit and then later upgraded with Color Flow Mapping. The system also features the latest ESAOTE innovations in transducer technology and interconnectivity making it the premium choice in portable OB/GYNE imaging.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab 15/20

    The MyLab 15/20 series is a dedicated Women's Healthcare ultrasound machine from ESAOTE. It may be configured as a basic Black and White system (MyLab 15) and later upgraded to color, or be configured with color right from the start (MyLab 20). The system may be upgraded with all the bells and whistles found in more expensive and larger OB/GYNE ultrasound units including 4D imaging and high frequency imaging (for the breast).

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Five/25Gold

    The MyLab 25 Gold is a portable color ultrasound machine from ESAOTE that features full capabilities and upgradeability to include 3D/4D imaging in OB/GYNE. A wide range of probes and best-in-class image quality makes this unit the premium choice in portable/mobile OB/GYNE ultrasound.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Class

    No other ultrasound equipment can provide the combination of super premium image quality and ease of use as ESAOTE's top-of-the-line MyLab Class OB/GYNE ultrasound system. The system also offers the use of the latest technology and design features including touch-screen operation and adjustable height and angle of operation.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Twice

    The ESAOTE MyLab Twice provides both super-premium OB/GYNE department imaging provided by the MyLab Class, and ultra-portable bedside imaging provided by the MyLab Touch in a unique 2-in-1 package. Both the main unit and its satellite unit (MyLab Sat) features the latest probe technologies and connectivity features. Unique among systems offering department and mobile flexibility, the Mylab Twice offers independent operation of the satellite and main units while also allowing merging of all data into the platform of the bigger unit.

Fetal Monitors/Dopplers

  • Aquila PRO

    Versalab APM/AMP2

    The CareFusion (formerly IMEX, formerly Nicolet) VersaLab® APM is a portable, economical antepartum monitor (APM) for performing non-stress tests and fetal monitoring. It features a built-in printer for immediate, real time print-out of test results. The VersaLab® APM2 system allows you to perform non-stress testing on one or two fetuses simultaneously. The system weighs less than 5 pounds, and can be battery or line operated. It is easily moved between exam rooms, satellite clinics, or taken to remote settings.

  • Aquila PRO


    The Elite hand-held Doppler from CareFusion (formerly IMEX, formerly CareFusion is the leading doppler brand in the USA. It is available with heart rate display (option), with or without rechargeable batteries and battery recharging system, a choice between 2 MHz or 3 MHz probes, and even an optional probe for water delivery. Unlike other brands, the Elite's optional digital display utilizes autocorrelation, a pattern recognition technique that accurately tracks the fetal heart beat.