• Aquila PRO

    Aquila PRO

    The Aquiila Pro is a premium portable Black and White Ultrasound Machine from ESAOTE. It features high-image quality, ease of use and upgradeability to include ESAOTE's Just 3D fetal face imaging.for OB/GYNE applications. The system also offers light and easy to use probes important in the OB/GYNE clinic setting and complete measurements/calculations for use in the portable or bedside applications in hospitals.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Touch

    The MyLab Touch is ESAOTE's latest ultra-portable ultrasound machine for OB/GYNE which features touch-screen operation. The system may initially be configured as a black and white unit and then later upgraded with Color Flow Mapping. The system also features the latest ESAOTE innovations in transducer technology and interconnectivity making it the premium choice in portable OB/GYNE imaging.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Five/25Gold

    The MyLab 25 Gold is a portable color ultrasound machine from ESAOTE that features full capabilities and upgradeability to include 3D/4D imaging in OB/GYNE. A wide range of probes and best-in-class image quality makes this unit the premium choice in portable/mobile OB/GYNE ultrasound.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Class

    No other ultrasound equipment can provide the combination of super premium image quality and ease of use as ESAOTE's top-of-the-line MyLab Class OB/GYNE ultrasound system. The system also offers the use of the latest technology and design features including touch-screen operation and adjustable height and angle of operation.

  • Aquila PRO

    MyLab Twice

    The ESAOTE MyLab Twice provides both super-premium OB/GYNE department imaging provided by the MyLab Class, and ultra-portable bedside imaging provided by the MyLab Touch in a unique 2-in-1 package. Both the main unit and its satellite unit (MyLab Sat) features the latest probe technologies and connectivity features. Unique among systems offering department and mobile flexibility, the Mylab Twice offers independent operation of the satellite and main units while also allowing merging of all data into the platform of the bigger unit.

Basic X-ray

  • Aquila PRO

    Anthem Generator

    Del/Universal x-ray equipment delivers the ease-of-use, image quality and throughput expected while priced to work within today's tighter depeartmental budgets. More than any other systems in the market, Del/Universal's general purpose x-ray systems meet both the clinical and economic demands of a new healthcare era. Intuitive controls on Del/Universal systems are so simple to use, one may not even need to read the user's manual. Totally integrated systems are available with different options of generators, wall receptors, tubemounts and other accessories. Ceiling mounted or floor-mounted x-ray tubes are available. The Anthem is the latest of Del/Universal's generators with high frequency technology. Combined with advanced microprocessor control, the Anthem is a generator that isboth reliable and flexible to the preferences of the technologist.


  • Aquila PRO


    The G-Scan is a top-of-the-line tilting MRI system from ESAOTE dedicated to the examination of the spine and joints. It allows for weight-bearing MRI, a capability not possible in larger whole-body systems. The weight-bearing capability obviously provides better imaging of the spine, acquiring images while pain on the back is being felt by the patient. Of course, aside from the acquisition of weight-bearing images, the unit may also be used to image extremities including the shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles. No other system provides the small footprint as well as the unique weight-bearing capabilities of the G-Scan.

  • Aquila PRO


    The S-scan, a dedicated MRI scanner from ESAOTE is a sensible choice for any hospital or group practice with a substantial musculo-skeletal work-load. The S-scan covers all musculoskeletal MRI, from foot to shoulders and the most important spine segments such as L & C -spine. The unique design and wide, rotating patient table guarantees easy patient positioning, patient comfort, maximum stability and easy examination management. The open gantry design provides for easy patient access, without claustrophobic difficulties. Its has real-time positioning and fast sequences which are on display on the gantry.

  • Aquila PRO


    The Opera is ESAOTE's MRI system dedicated to the imaging of joints in the shoulders, knees, wrists, arm, and ankles. With Opera, ESAOTE has merged the advantages of dedicated and open MRI to create a new high quality cost/effective system. This high throughput system, provides optimal musculoskeletal scanning capabilities and guarantees superb image quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and patient comfort.

  • Aquila PRO


    The O-Scan is the newest addition to ESAOTE’s MRI line, further decreasing the MRI foot-print via a unique ergonomic design. The O-Scan may be installed in any room, without the need for extensive space nor preparation. Coming from a country where sports medicine is one of those given utmost attention, ESAOTE has perfected their MRI with all the necessary coils and software needed for knee, ankle, wrist and arm joints imaging. The system is a perfect unit for sports medicine group practice. It could also be used to free up the huge whole-body MRI systems in busy radiology centers, able to provide all imaging requirements dedicated to the examination of extremities.

Automatic Film Processor

  • Aquila PRO


    The JP-33 is a highly dependable, USFDA cleared automatic film processor from JPI of Korea. It features ease of installation, use and maintenance. It is quite compact and has exceptionally quiet operation, especially when compared to other table-top systems. The JP-33 is perfect for radiology clinics and diagnostic centers who are upgrading from manual film processing.

Imaging Ergometer

  • Aquila PRO

    Angio with Nuclear Imaging Table

    The LODE Angio with Nuclear Imaging Table is an electrically adjustable table for reclining ergometry. Thanks to its sturdy steel construction it is very stable, yet it is still easy to move because of its retractable castors. An adjustable shoulder support provides the stability you need to achieve clear images during exercise. Both leg support and back support panels can operate independently and are poweractuated by means of a remote control. The back support is made of radiotranslucent material. The electrical ergometer adjustment of the Imaging Table gives you the opportunity to move the Angio forward and backward in order to fit all body sizes.

  • Aquila PRO

    MRI Ergometer

    The LODE MRI ergometer is an ergometer for use during MRI studies. The MRI ergometers workload is controlled with an electronical braking principle especially designed for use in a MRI environment. The moment of inertia is 8,4 kgm2. The MRI ergometer is standard supplied with a control unit and power unit. The standard control unit offers the possibility to read out various parameters like workload, rpm, torque, timer and distance. The power unit is completed with a safety cable for wallfixation. The MRI ergometer can be used for MRI scanners up to 3 Tesla. Before offering or ordering this ergometer we advise you to first contact the Lode sales department.